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Financial Accounting

Ever dreamed of working in the field of accounting, but don’t have the right numbers to study?

With our bridging course in Financial Accounting, we prepare you for the accounting world by equipping you with a foundational level that helps you get the results you need to study. Learn the fundamentals in subjects such as Business Literacy, Bookkeeping and Cost & Management Accounting.

Office Administration

Want to run the office one day and ensure the workplace is a smooth-running machine, but don’t have the right skills yet?

Well, we can help you get there with our Office Administration bridging courses. Climb your way to the top by working your way through subjects like Business & Office Administration, Business Literacy and Bookkeeping.

Business Management

Do you have an eye for business? Are you looking to run your own company one day?

If your answer is yes, then our Business Management bridging courses are for you! Understand the world of business with subjects such as Business Management, Office & Legal Practice, and Marketing Management & Public Relations.

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