Training artisans and controllers
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Artisan apprenticeship

Want to become an artisan?

One way is through an apprenticeship at Signa Artisans!

An artisan apprenticeship is a structured learning programme which combines theoretical, practical and workplace experience in one specific trade to produce highly qualified artisans…

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New group of apprenticeships

We have kicked off the first quarter of the year on a high note by onboarding a new group of budding #apprentices. These eager artisans have gone through safety training and have started their journey to becoming highly qualified and competent tradespeople…

Mechanical Training Workshop

Is finding quality artisan #training for your company a challenge?

Signa Artisans strive to build the new generation of technical #artisans and tradespeople that meet world-class manufacturing standards…

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Mobile and lifting training

Need accredited mobile & lifting training?

Further your artisan career by gaining a #skill in mobile and lifting operation.

Whether you are a novice or need relicensing certification…

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Expert electrician 

Become an expert electrician!

As a qualified electrician, you would be responsible for inspecting, testing, repairing, installing, and modifying electrical components and systems…

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Women in the artisan sector

There is a gap in the market for young people to pursue artisan careers, especially young women.

To take advantage of these opportunities of the initiatives presented by both the government and private sector, young women can take various steps to upskill themselves…

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Skilled artisans

A career as an #artisan presents many benefits in a variety of industries in South Africa including #manufacturing, #engineering, and #construction…read more

Artisan Carousel

#Artisan careers are in high demand, because #economicgrowth is reliant on a new generation of qualified artisans, problem solvers and #entrepreneurs…

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What sets us apart

Want to upskill individuals in various artisan trades? Looking for an experienced artisan training institution?

We are the solution!

Signa Artisans is a SETA and QCTO accredited skills development provider and offers apprenticeship training…read more

Artisans in action

We are proud of our learners who are continuously working hard to improve their skills in various #artisan fields…read more

Finding quality artisans a challenge?
Need a world class training centre for your apprentices? Want to hone the skills of your artisans?
At Signa Artisans in Motion, a SETA accredited skills development institution, we have the solution for you…
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Want Artisan training done on your own premises?
Signa Artisans in Motion has a fully equipped Mobile Training unit that provides theoretical Artisan training and practical experience on your site. Our Training is comprehensive and customised based on employee needs in….
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Welcome to Signa Artisans in Motion!
Watch how we pride ourselves on the success of our apprentices and drive forward the Power of One….
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A behind the scenes snapshot – where Anton Kotze is passionately talking about artisan training solutions to help upskill the South African workforce….
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Signa Artisans in Motion Giveaway!
In celebration of National Welding month, we are giving away a quality Basic Welding Training Course that meets world class standards.
We recognise the biggest opportunity for employment in our country lies in training artisans…
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The importance of Apprenticeships
Apprenticeships are an important pathway to training a new generation of artisans because it includes both practical training and theoretical study. It gives artisans the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in an industry that is high in demand….
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Congratulations GERRARD GOVEA!
As the winner of our Signa Artisans Welders’ Course Giveaway, Gerrard is currently taking part in a basic welding training programme that meets world class manufacturing standards…
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Good news! In case you missed us on Ontbytsake
You can catch-up and watch us here….